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Protects the respiratory tract
Soother dry and productive cough
Promotes the removal of excess secretions
Alleviates cough 

With Grindelia dry extract, Plantain herb dry extract
For adults and children 3+
Gluten free
Lactose free

SANAGOL® TUSS FAMILY is a medical device that, thanks to the exclusive polysaccharides contained in MUCOBARRYL® complex and in the other plant extracts are able to calm the cough, alleviate the burning sensation and promotes the removal of excess secretions. SANAGOL® TUSS FAMILY soothes dry and productive cough, it is also a useful adjuvant for respiratory tract protection as creating a mucoadhesive barrier able to restrict contact with irritants and pathogens.

MUCOBARRYL® complex, Grindelia dry extract, Plantain herb dry extract, Fructose, Water, Honey, Apple juice.

Children from 3 to 6 years: 5 ml 2 times a day.
Children from 6 -12 years: 5 ml up to 4 times a day.
Children from 12 years and adults: 10 ml 2-4 times per day.
For children under 12 years, it is advisable taking the product after medical advice.
Shake well before use. Close tightly after use. Rinse the dosing cup after use.

Do not use the product under 3 years. Do not take in case of intolerance to the product. Use the product within 2 months from opening.

158 ml bottle (210g).

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