Sisymbrium officinalis (Hedge mustard): the singers’ plant has planted roots in Milan!

The scientific meeting “ONE YEAR OF ERISIMO IN MILAN” will take place at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences in Milan on November 30th, one year after the start of the project. During the meeting, the research and the experimental results about Sisymbrium officinalis (Hedge Mustard) will be presented.
From 6 pm, the event will be followed by final concertMORE VOICES: Silvia Zaru Quartet meets Ladies in Tune” at Auditorium Stefano Cerri.
PHYTO GARDA supports the project, promoted by the University of Milan, to improve the knowledge, the protection and the enhancement of Sisymbrium officinalis, a plant with many herbal and medical applications. Known as “singers’ plant”, it is useful for the tone of the voice, the loss of voice and in the treatment of cough, thanks to its antiflammatory and expectorant properties.

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